Beyond the Bird’s Eye View: The Expansive World of FLI Precast Solutions

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Beyond the Bird’s Eye View: The Expansive World of FLI Precast Solutions


An aerial snapshot of our facility tells a story of scale and ambition, but it’s just the beginning.

At FLI Precast Solutions, the horizon stretches far beyond the frame of any single image.

From the sprawling expanse of our state-of-the-art facility, captured in a recent aerial photograph, to the intricate details of our sustainable practices, our story is one of profound growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the environment.

The photograph, a stunning display of our facility’s vastness, is symbolic of our capabilities and the recent scaling of our operations.

Yet, it barely scratches the surface of the depth and breadth of expertise housed within. It’s a testament to our journey, but not the full narrative.

A Commitment Carved in Precast

Our journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to sustainability.

It’s woven into the fabric of our operations, from the adoption of more sustainable construction methods to the integration of a rainwater harvesting tank that stands as a beacon of our environmental ethos. We’re not just constructing buildings; we’re building a legacy of low-carbon solutions.

Serving a World of Industries

The sectors we empower with our precast solutions are as diverse as they are critical to the infrastructure of modern society. Here’s a glimpse of the industries we serve:

  • Aviation: Elevating airport infrastructure with precision and durability.
  • Water: Ensuring the lifeblood of communities flows uninterrupted.
  • Bespoke Precast: Tailoring solutions to fit the unique needs of our clients.
  • Energy: Powering progress with innovative precast components.
  • Data: Providing the foundations for the data centres of tomorrow.
  • Transportation: Connecting cities and towns with reliable infrastructure.

Here, we’re not just following best practices; we’re inventing them. We specialise in crafting unique products that set industry benchmarks. Some of our most popular include:

  • Service Reservoirs: Engineered for resilience and reliability.
  • Foundation Bases: The unseen heroes ensuring stability and strength.
  • Cable Troughs: Protecting the lifelines of our electrical grids.
  • Slot Drains: Merging functionality with environmental consciousness.
  • Chambers: Precision-crafted for various applications.
  • Circular Tanks: A synergy of form and function for water management.
  • Bespoke Precast Solutions: Customised innovations for specialised requirements.

Each product is a piece of a larger puzzle, a component of the complex tapestry that forms our world’s infrastructure. At FLI Precast Solutions, we’re not just building for today; we’re designing for the future.

The Big Picture

While one aerial shot can capture the scale of our facility, it’s the unseen daily operations, the meticulous planning, and the skilled craftsmanship that truly define us.

Our facility is the heart from which the lifeblood of innovation pulses, sending ripples of change across industries and borders.

We invite you to look beyond the photograph and discover the world of possibilities with FLI Precast Solutions.

An Open Invitation

At FLI Precast Solutions, we believe that true collaboration begins with transparency and hands-on experience.

That’s why we extend a warm invitation to our valued clients, partners, and suppliers to visit our facility.

Come witness firsthand the innovation, care, and meticulous detail that go into every product we craft

Join us as we pave the way towards a sustainable, interconnected future, one precast solution at a time.

Potable Service Reservoirs

Service Reservoir

Our Modular Pre-cast system used to build service reservoir structures can be tailored to suit any volume and footprint.

FLI Precast provides a Semi Precast DfMA solution for the construction of Service Reservoirs and Contact Tanks which is widely regarded as the go-to system for the storage of potable water.

Foundation Bases

FLI Precast design and manufacture foundation bases offsite to facilitate complex pieces of plant, buildings or heavy loads to be located on.

Through taking the complexity of the solution offsite we can accommodate features which typically difficult to incorporate on site at our production facility in a controlled environment.

Slot Drain

FLI Precast designs and manufacture precast concrete slot drain products that provide a high load class drainage solution that can be installed rapidly on site. Our slot drain system provides an attractive alternative to the slip form or insitu constructed drainage systems which require multiple build-up pours, requiring increased labor on site. FLI Precast manufacture slot drains up to an F900 load class.

Intermediate Chambers (1) (1)

Utility Chamber & Drawpits

FLI Precast provides bespoke off-site constructed Precast Concrete Draw pits to suit our client’s requirements for chambers on a variety of projects.

FLI Precast can design a chamber solution to suit the project-specific sizing, ope configuration, chamber overburden depth, and ground conditions based on the GI report.

mv chambers

LV & MV Chambers

FLI Precast provides bespoke Off-Site constructed Precast Concrete LV Chambers to suit our client’s requirements for Low Voltage Electrical Power Chambers on a variety of projects.

FLI Precast provides bespoke Off-Site constructed Precast MV chambers to suit our client’s requirements for Medium Voltage Electrical Power chambers on a variety of projects.


Bespoke Culverts

FLI Precast are pleased to offer a bespoke design and manufacture service for box culverts. With a wealth of in-house design and engineering experience, the FLI Precast team is happy to look at the specific needs of any project.

Whatever the application and loading, FLI Precast can provide a tailored and cost effective solution to suit any S104 requirements with the backing of our full structural design service. Talk to out Residential Team today.

cable through rendor

Cable Troughs

FLI Precast designs and manufactures Precast Concrete Cable Troughs for use in a variety of applications including Industrial Plants, Power Stations, Substations, and Wind Farms.

Off-site constructed, reinforced concrete Cable Troughs are a great alternative to traditional methods of simply burying service lines as they allow for quick maintenance and security.

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About FLI Precast

At present FLI Precast produce around 1,000 tonnes per week and we have completed several thousand projects over the last 35 years, sending precast concrete as far as Australia. At present, we proudly employ over 100 staff both on and off-site.

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