We design, manufacture and install semi-precast concrete tanks and resevoir solutions for clean water and waste water applications.

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FLI Precast has played a vital role in various water projects across Ireland and the United Kingdom. We have designed, engineered, and manufactured services for the off-site manufacture of specialist concrete infrastructure and attenuation systems.

We have completed bespoke work for projects in each of these areas both in Ireland, the UK, and globally

Having FLI Precast involved in projects allows our clients to streamline the process, improve design optimisation and reduce cost.
We offer clients the ability to design project-specific sizing for each of our products. This allows us to help clients streamline their projects and ensure deadlines are met. If you have a project you would like to discuss, feel free to contact our team.

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Related Projects

Wicklow Wastewater Upgrade

FLI Precast played a key role in the upgrade of a wastewater facility in Wicklow, Ireland. The three wastewater treatment plants serve the surrounding population of 3000+ people.

FLI had to collaborate with both the client (Irish Water) and operator (Wicklow County Council) to understand the challenges and develop the agreed solution.

Grassholme Reservoir

The FLI Precast Team has successfully completed a contract for the design and manufacture of a bespoke precast solution to raise the wall height on three 100-year-old stone wall spillway structures at Grassholme Reservoir. FLI Precast also undertook the design and manufacture of precast units to facilitate the reduction in height on an existing weir on the project.

This project involved many challenges including:

  • The development of a precast system capable of being retrofitted to an existing stone wall
  • The provision of an architectural pattern finish matching the existing wall
  • The manufacture of over 500 units for the project, working to a very tight production program

Hanchurch Service Reservoir (2018)

FLI Precast played a key role in the construction of a multi-million-pound distribution reservoir service in Stone-on-Trent.

With a large amount of the project being assembled off-site, FLI Precast was able to use their expertise from previous projects.  A number of different companies worked alongside each other in collaborative planning sessions in the lead-up to the project.

Ensuring much of the project was assembled off-site also allowed a massive reduction in the length of the project.

Water Projects Online

WaterProjectsOnline gives water companies, authorities and their supply chain a platform to publish case studies and technical papers dedicated to the water and wastewater industry. The articles demonstrate the work being undertaken to provide the highest standards of treatment and reliable distribution for potable water, wastewater and flood alleviation, meeting environmental demands and ensuring resilience and sustainable and energy efficient networks.

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