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The concrete solution demands of the Utilities and Energy sector often differ significantly from those in other fields.

Residential Overview

FLI Precast works alongside developers across Ireland and the United Kingdom maximising the potential of residential sites. We offer a wide-ranging suite of products that can assist the development of these large-scale housing projects.

Our automated costing software can explore and identify optimum solutions with detailed costings and viability. Our Engineering team can support your application and represent you technically in the approval process.

Small teams complete the installations in minimum time whether using our installers or providing technical support to drainage contractors already on site. Most importantly, our solutions are designed to be the best value. By maximising the use of local materials and resources we tailor the solution to optimise the benefit to our Customers.

A recent example of a project we completed in Sky Edge in Sheffield, England. Feel free to contact our team to blend our expertise with yours to maximise return on investment.

Stormwater & Drainage Products

Attenuation Tanks

FLI Precast’s Stormcast system is an award-winning modular precast Stormwater attenuation and flood alleviation solution which has become the most widely used in the UK and Ireland. With a proven and unrivaled track record of over 1,900 installations,

Stormcast Attenuation Tank without Roof
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FLI Precast Logo

Slot Drain

FLI Precast design and manufacture foundation bases offsite to facilitate complex pieces of plant, buildings or heavy loads to be located on.

Through taking the complexity of the solution offsite we can accommodate features which typically difficult to incorporate on site at our production facility in a controlled environment.

Stormwater & Drainage Products

Retaining & Decorative Walls

FLI Precast provides concrete retaining walls that can be designed to suit your site-specific requirements and eliminate the requirement for the majority of in-situ concrete works.

We provide a full design service that enables us to incorporate details that can often be difficult to achieve on-site to suit EN & BS code.

decorative wall 2
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Intermediate Chambers (1) (1)
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Utility Chamber & Drawpits

FLI Precast provides Bespoke Off-site constructed Precast Concrete Draw pits to suit our client’s requirements for chambers on a variety of projects.

FLI Precast can design a chamber solution to suit the project-specific sizing, ope configuration, chamber overburden depth, and ground conditions based on the GI report.

Communication Vaults

FLI Precast provides Bespoke Off-site constructed Precast Concrete Telecommunications Vaults to suit our client’s requirements.

FLI Precast can design a chamber solution to suit the project specific sizing, open configuration, chamber overburden depth, floating considerations and ground conditions based on the GI report.

MV Chamber 1
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FLI Precast Also Provide:

Related Projects

Skye Edge

The Sirius Group and FLI Precast had worked together in the past on a number of projects and FLI Precast was seen as the preferred provider for quality of product and security of service whilst still offering a competitive market price.

The Sirius Group are specialist engineers, consultants, and contractors providing site development services for brownfield and contaminated land.

They design, build and manage a growing portfolio of award-winning rental communities that have successfully regenerated inner urban areas through innovative remodelling.

skye edge

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