The concrete solution demands of the Utilities and Energy sector often differ significantly from those in other fields.

Evergy Overview

Our demands from our clients when it comes to Energy and Utilities are often significantly different form other sectors.

We work in remote locations under time sensitive deadlines.

Our bespoke, off-site design and manufacturing process allows us to assist clients in ensuring their projects are completed on time and on budget.

Whether you require 10m blast walls that can be installed during a 5 hour window, pylon bases to be installed in difficult terrain or high performance ducting with complex junctions, we can help. 

Contact our team to discuss your challenge and let us blend our experience with yours to deliver quality infrastructure, safely, at less cost and with less carbon.

Products FLI Precast Provide

Foundation Bases

FLI Precast design and manufacture foundation bases offsite to facilitate complex pieces of plant, buildings or heavy loads to be located on.

Through taking the complexity of the solution offsite we can accommodate features which typically difficult to incorporate on site at our production facility in a controlled environment.

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Utility Chamber & Drawpits

FLI Precast provides Bespoke Off-site constructed Precast Concrete Draw pits to suit our client’s requirements for chambers on a variety of projects.

FLI Precast can design a chamber solution to suit the project-specific sizing, ope configuration, chamber overburden depth, and ground conditions based on the GI report.

Cable Troughs

FLI Precast designs and manufactures Precast Concrete Cable Troughs for use in a variety of applications including Industrial Plants, Power Stations, Substations, and Wind Farms.

Off-site constructed, reinforced concrete Cable Troughs are a great alternative to traditional methods of simply burying service lines as they allow for quick maintenance and security.

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Security Barriers

FLI Precast manufacture Precast Concrete Delta Block Barriers suitable for providing demarcation of boundaries and a physical barrier for establishing walkways and vehicle access routes for construction sites.

Retaining & Decorative Walls

FLI Precast provides concrete retaining walls that can be designed to suit your site-specific requirements and eliminate the requirement for the majority of in-situ concrete works.

We provide a full design service that enables us to incorporate details that can often be difficult to achieve on-site to suit EN & BS code.

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Bund & Blast Walls

FLI Precast offers our very own in-house designed solution for Bund Walls. Depending on the nature of the substance being contained we can tailor our solution and design in line with your project specification requirements.

FLI Precast’s Precast Concrete Blast Wall system provides a semi-modular precast solution that can be designed to provide explosion protection to project-specific blast ratings.

Security Fencing

FLI Precast design and manufacture temporary Precast Concrete Barriers for a variety of applications.

For High-Security Applications FLI Precast design and manufacture a 2.4m high temporary composite barrier system which comprises of a custom 765mm high interlocking Precast Concrete Barrier adapted to suit the installation of a high-security Rigid Mesh Fencing system.

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