FLI Precast Sectors

We specialise in a variety of sectors across the manufacturing industry.

Sectors FLI Precast Specialise In

Water Sector


FLI Precast has proudly assisted the aviation industry in some of Ireland’s largest projects.

Most notably, we were delighted to play a key role in Dublin Airport’s newest runway.

FLI Precast designed and manufactured approximately 2.2km of safety barriers which enabled the Dublin Airport Authority to begin works on the new runway apron. We have also worked with various authorities across the UK & Europe on largescale road projects.


FLI Precast provide bespoke, off-site constructed products across the Telecommunications industry.

We off the clients the ability to design project-specific sizing for each of our products. This allows us to help clients streamline their projects and ensure deadlines are met.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, feel free to contact our team.


Our demands from our clients with it comes to Energy and Utilities are often significantly different form other sectors.

We work in remote locations under time-sensitive deadlines.

Our bespoke, off-site design and manufacturing process allows us to assist clients in ensuring their projects are completed on time and on budget.

Whether you require 10m blast walls that can be installed during a 5-hour window, pylon bases to be installed in difficult terrain, or high-performance ducting with complex junctions, we can help. 


FLI Precast works alongside developers across Ireland and the United Kingdom maximising the potential of residential sites.

We offer a wide-ranging suite of products that can assist the development of these large-scale housing projects.

Our automated costing software can explore and identify optimum solutions with detailed costings and viability. Our Engineering team can support your application and represent you technically in the approval process.

Bespoke Precast

FLI Precast is a leading manufacturer of bespoke precast solutions. 

We design solutions using our off-site methods to ensure efficiency and reduce time and cost.

We have a team of experts who make bespoke designs for specific projects. These products are then transported and lifted into position by our team.

We help clients in this way in projects across Ireland, the UK, and globally.

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