Ludham Licence Reinvestment (2021)

Precast concrete reservoir, dechlorination and valve chambers


Securing a new water source, combining schemes, and using off-site build to meet the supply-demand challenges in Norfolk.


FLI Precast played a key role in assembling a new storage reservoir creating two tanks built using pre-cast concrete panels.


The solution enables the storage of approximately 2.1 million liters of treated water per day supplying over 2,500 homes.

Project Overview

FLI Precast designed and assembled two storage reservoir tanks using precast concrete panels.

FLI Precast leaned on knowledge and expertise from previous projects to design a structure that could be seamlessly integrated within the @one Alliance design.

A 3D model of the structure was designed by FLI Precast and was integrated into the main design model to ensure accuracy and efficiency. FLI Precast worked closely alongside other contractors to ensure the project was completed to standard and on time.


Project Details

Location: Ludham, England

Main Contractor: Anglian Water @one Alliance

Start Date: September 2019

Scope of works:  Precast concrete reservoir, dechlorination, and valve chambers

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