Grassholme Reservoir

Design and Manufacture of a Bespoke Precast Solution for alteration works to Reservoir Spillways


Our challenge was to safely and efficiently carry out works on 3 x 100-year-old stone walls at Grassholme Reservoir.


As always, in-depth planning was carried out and systems were put in place before starting.


Our solution included manufacturing over 500 units and developing a precast system retrofitted to the existing stone wall.

Project Overview

The FLI Precast Team has successfully completed a contract for the design and manufacture of a bespoke precast solution to raise the wall height on three 100-year-old stone wall spillway structures at Grassholme Reservoir. FLI Precast also undertook the design and manufacture of precast units to facilitate the reduction in height on an existing weir on the project.

This project involved many challenges including:

  • The development of a precast system capable of being retrofitted to an existing stone wall
  • The provision of an architectural pattern finish to match the existing wall
  • The manufacture of over 500 units for the project, working to a very tight production program

Manufacturing of the final units for the project was completed in late October 2020. Well done to the FLI Precast Team on the successful completion of this challenging project.

An Award Winning Project

This award is to certify that Tilbury Douglas Construction Ltd., Northumbrian Water Group, Wood Plc, Meldrum Civil Engineering,  A19 Drilling, FLI Precast, St Astier Limited and Santec have been recognised in achieving ‘Excellence’ for Grassholme Reservoir Spillway.

Catriona Lingwood | Chief Executive – CENE

Grassholme Res

Project Details

Client: Grassholme Reservoir

Location: Durham, England

Services: Structural Design, Precast Installation

Duration: 16 weeks

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