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Name: Clare Kelly

Job title: Quality, Environmental & Compliance Manager

Years service: 11

I have been part of the team at FLI Precast for almost 11 years. This new role will bring many challenges but I will continue to contribute towards FLI Precasts successful business.
Clare Kelly – Quality, Environmental & Compliance Manager

Key points to highlight:

The quality of the product is extremely important. Equally, it is of upmost importance that we continue to improve our quality systems on a continuous basis.

At FLI Precast we appreciate the importance of our compliance and certifications and continuous improvement is key to this.

Getting to know about Clare

Q. Tell us about your role

Overall responsibility for Quality and Compliance at FLI Precast.

Q. What is the most exciting part of your job?

Always new products and new challenges which is interesting. New requirements in Compliance allow for the continuous gaining of knowledge on the job which can only be a good thing!

Q. Describe FLI Precast in 5 words

Innovative, Interesting, Growing, Never Boring!!

Q. What is your favourite food?

Irish Stew!

Q. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee! Especially in the morning!

Q. Morning person or night owl?

I think im a joy to be around at any time of the day but others might not agree!!

3 dinner part guests, who would they be?

Mary Robinson, Tony Holohan, and Jonathan Mahon so I can give out to him for making me do this!! No, my handsome Son Oisín instead!

Quote from Managing Director - Tom Dunne

Clare is an extremely diligent and hardworking individual with the ability to adapt and develop as the role and the job requires.

Over the years with FLI she has proven time and time again not only her ability to take on different roles and functions but also the willingness without questioning.

She has always put and continues to put not only the best interest of the business but also the interest of her co-workers first at all times.

Her development as a leader, within a male dominated industry, has improved and continues to improve year on year and role by role as the years progress.

Above and beyond the day-to-day duties of her role Clare keeps us reminded of our own wellbeing by organising events and competitions to focus the mind on what is important in life, our wellbeing.

In addition to all of the above she regularly treats the FLI team to some of her fabulous home baking. She is an excellent all-round member of the FLI Team.

About FLI Precast

At present FLI Precast produce around 1,000 tonnes per week and we have completed several thousand projects over the last 35 years, sending precast concrete as far as Australia. At present, we proudly employ over 100 staff both on and off-site.

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